Starting over…again.

Days turn into a week; weeks into a month; months into a year; years become a decade. If you aren’t careful you will at some point look back and say where has the time gone. Be intentional about your choices. That doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally go with the flow. However, be careful or the flow may just carry you far away from the path to achieving your goals. How can you guard against being carried away?

First, make a plan. Where do you want to be? What steps do you have to take to get there? When do you want to celebrate your achievement? Be realistic, but it shouldn’t be easy. Anybody can get the low hanging fruit. Make sure you have to put effort into your achievement.

Second, be intentional about your choices. If you make a choice, know why and where it leads. If you choose to go with the the flow, you still need to know why and where it will take you.

Third, be consistent. A routine will protect you from straying to far from the path to your goals. Consistency is the backbone to success. Success doesn’t just happen. Consistent effort gets you closer to success every day.

Finally, if you stray, fail, fall, or for whatever reason find yourself adrift so far away from where you wanted to be. Suck it up. Rub some dirt on it. Try again. Make a plan. Be intentional. Be consistent. Repeat.

So, I have not kept to my plan. I have not been intentional. The only things I have been consistent in are not being intentional or consistent. I have not put forth the effort required. However, I recognize my failure. I claim responsibility for my fecklessness. I find myself sucking it up, rubbing dirt on my pride, and starting over.

The plan. Where I want to be: Body fat 10-12% . Currently at 24.9%. Though just a month ago it was 28.9%. Body water  67-70%. Currently 51.5%. A month ago it was 47.5%. Bone mass 11-12 lbs. Currently at 10 lbs. A month ago it was 8.7 lbs. My weight is not as important as these numbers. Obviously, I want to weigh less, but I don’t care if it’s 230 pounds or 200 as long as those other numbers are at goal. The weight takes care of itself.

What steps: I’ve started a food journal (The single most important thing you can do is be intentional about the food you put into your mouth.) again. My goal is about 2000 calories a day. I am walking again. At least 2 miles a day, but 4 or more is better. I am also doing desistence training 2-3 times a week. Resistance training will result in more muscle mass and increased bone density. Drinking water! The worst part of the plan…I just don’t really like water. But I need it and so do you.

When: August 12th. GenCon starts its festivities on the 13th!