Many of the truths we cling to…

I’m big-boned, I have a slow metabolism, I can’t, I’m tired, or I’m too busy. As Obi-wan, told Luke, many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.

Outside of a real but rare medical condition diagnosed by a physician, you are not big-boned; thyroid issues and advanced age can affect your metabolism, but it’s safe to assume your thyroid is operating as normal until diagnosed otherwise. You can, if you choose to. You may be tired, but you are not too tired. You may be busy, but you are not too busy. Change your point of view and you will change your truth.

I am preparing a Sith Core class. That is what has lead to this particular post. I already teach a Jedi Yoga event at GenCon and am preparing to start offering it regularly. Yoda said that anger leads to hatred which leads to suffering. That is a truth from a specific point of view. I do not deny that anger can lead to hatred which can lead to suffering.

However, anger can lead to change which can end suffering. I have begun to channel my anger into my workouts. I am angry at myself that I let myself regress to bad habits that I had identified and overcome. I am angry at my weight gain. I am angry that my endurance is not what it was. I am angry that my abs are not what they were. Because I allowed a certain point of view to become my truth. When I don’t “want” to workout, when I don’t want to do one more rep, when I say I can’t lift 5 more pounds, I look at my actual gut. Then I figuratively reach into my gut and stoke the anger of not being physically what I want to be. That anger leads to the change that will end the suffering I endure every time I look in the mirror.

There is a choice to be made. You can choose to learn to accept your current point of view. Or you can choose to change your point of view, let the anger you feel at not already being where you want to be physically stoke the change in behavior that will result in your achieving your “fine.”

What truths from a certain point of view are holding you back?